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Some of our HealthLinkBC Files contain information that is similar or related to other files. We have grouped these files into “series” to help you easily find information you are looking for and learn about related topics.

For more HealthLinkBC Files, see the HealthLinkBC Files List, or search our HealthLinkBC Files Database.

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Sexually Transmitted Infections Series

The sexually transmitted infection (STI) series provides information on numerous STIs, how to prevent them, symptoms, and more.

Child Immunization Series

The child immunization series provides information on immunizations (vaccinations) in British Columbia and why immunization is important for the health of your child.

For a list of all vaccines recommended for your child, see the B.C. Immunization Schedule.

Child Nutrition Series

The child nutrition series provides information on what to feed your child from birth to approximately 3 years old and includes topics such as breastfeeding, formula feeding, meal and snack ideas, and how to prevent choking.

Influenza (Flu) Series

The influenza (flu) series provides information about the flu, the flu vaccines, and why it is important to get vaccinated each flu season.

Travel Series

The traveller’s series provides information on how to stay safe while travelling to different places across the globe.

Nutrition Series

The nutrition series provides information on healthy eating and include topics such as healthy eating tips for certain conditions, and daily/weekly recommendations for vitamins, minerals, fibre, and dietary fats.

Child Development Series

The child development series provides information on the development of your child from birth to approximately 3 years old.

Elder Abuse Prevention Series

The elder abuse prevention series provides information about the abuse and neglect of older adults (seniors), including signs that someone is being abused or neglected, and what you can do to help.