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Changes are the hallmarks of pregnancy. You may have questions about what to expect and how to prepare for your baby’s arrival. Healthy eating, emotional support and safety are just some aspects to consider when pregnant.

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Healthcare Providers During Pregnancy

Deciding on the type of care you’ll receive when pregnancy is important. Choose a healthcare provider who makes you comfortable and can help you have a healthy pregnancy. Learn more about healthcare providers during pregnancy.

Your Health During Pregnancy

It’s natural to think more about your health when you are pregnant. Learn advice on how to maintain your health and advice on everything from food to sex to over-the-counter medications. Learn more about your health during pregnancy.

Health Conditions and Pregnancy

Specific health conditions can start during pregnancy. Learn about these conditions and when you should contact your healthcare provider. Learn more about health conditions and pregnancy.

Body Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of change. Learn what changes to expect so that you can manage symptoms and keep up with daily life. Learn more about body changes during pregnancy.

Your First Trimester

Learn what to expect during the first trimester (0-14 weeks) of your pregnancy.

To calculate your due date, use our Interactive Tool: What Is Your Due Date?. This tool helps estimate when you are likely to deliver your baby. 

Under the B.C. Employment Standards Act, pregnant employees who work outside the home are entitled to up to 17 consecutive weeks of unpaid maternity leave.

Learn more about Planning for Maternity and Parental Leave.

Your Second Trimester

Learn what to expect during the second trimester (15-27 weeks) of your pregnancy.

Your Third Trimester

Learn what to expect during the third trimester (28-40 weeks) of your pregnancy.

Risks and Complications During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you may have many questions about your health and potential complications that can occur. Learn more about risks and complications during pregnancy.

Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

Healthy eating and physical activity are part of a healthy pregnancy. By eating a healthy diet, you provide the building blocks for growth and development that you and your baby need. Regular physical activity can help achieve meaningful health benefits and lower your risk of pregnancy-related illnesses. For example, physical activity can help with depression, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and preeclampsia), and prepare your body for labour and delivery. Make sure you talk to your doctor to make sure any physical activity you do is safe during pregnancy.

Learn more about healthy eating and physical activity.

Emotional Health and Support During Pregnancy

It’s important to take good care of your physical and emotional health during pregnancy.  

Safety During Pregnancy

Learn some simple steps you can take to keep yourself and your baby safe and healthy

Alcohol & Other Drug Use During Pregnancy

Taking drugs or drinking during pregnancy can harm your baby. Learn more about alcohol and other drug use during pregnancy.

Twins and Other Multiples

Multiple babies (twins, triplets or more) place extra demands on your body. Learn more about what to expect if you are expecting more than one baby.

Preparing for Your Newborn

From car seats and other supplies, to helping older siblings cope, here's some advice to help you get your newborn settled in at home. Learn more about preparing for your newborn.

Last Updated: June 2021