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Registered Dietitians

Last Updated: December 7, 2023

Registered dietitians are health professionals that specialize in food and nutrition care. They help people stay healthy, get better, live with illness or disability and cope with end of life.

Dietitians are qualified nutrition professionals regulated through the College of Dietitians of British Columbia (CDBC). They must complete a bachelor's degree in nutrition and dietetics, a 10-month practicum, and pass the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination. Dietitians must keep up with the latest research, practice guidelines, skills, and therapies in their field.

You'll find dietitians working in a variety of settings including hospitals, residential care facilities, community and primary care centres, telehealth, government, education, research, private practices, and pharmaceutical and food industries.

Services provided by a dietitian

Dietitians advise people of all ages on healthy eating and nutrition practices to support their overall health and wellness.

A dietitian can:

  • Assess your food and nutrition needs
  • Work with you to develop a practical and healthy eating plan and track your progress
  • Provide tips for meal planning, shopping, and cooking
  • Help you create or adjust your nutrition goals
  • Offer ongoing support and information for your healthy eating needs
  • Connect you with other health care professionals, programs, and services

Dietitians can also provide medical nutrition therapy for the management of chronic diseases like: diabetes and heart disease, digestive and allergic conditions, cancer, eating disorders and dysphagia.

Meeting with a dietitian

When you meet with a dietitian, they will ask about your health history, food intake, preferences and traditions, and your personal wellness goals. They will explain the connection between what you eat, how you eat, and your overall health.

Together, you will explore ideas for change and set realistic and achievable goals.

Learn more about what to expect when you see a dietitian.

Find a registered dietitian

There are several ways to connect with a registered dietitian:

  • Call HealthLink BC at 8-1-1 and ask to speak to a dietitian.
  • Ask your health care provider about a referral to a dietitian in your community.
  • Contact your local public health unit or community centre and ask about access to a dietitian. Some centres offer nutrition programs, classes, and workshops, including for specialized groups like older adults or pregnant people
  • Use the Find a Dietitian tool to search for a dietitian in a private practice. A private practice dietitian charges a fee for service, which may be covered by some extended health plans. You don't need a doctor's referral to see a private practice dietitian.

Learn how to find a qualified dietitian in B.C. and about the differences between a dietitian and nutritionist. There is a public registry that lists all registered dietitians in good standing with CBDC.