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Tests, Treatments and Medication

Tests, Treatments and Medication

Learn about common tests, treatments and medications.

You may have questions about the types of tests, treatments and medications you can take for a specific condition or illness. On this page, find information that can help you make informed decisions about your health.  


It is natural to have some questions about the medications you are taking. You may be curious about generic or brand name medications, or you may have concerns about side effects. Learn about medications and health concerns in this section.

Medical Tests

When you or someone in your care needs a medical test, you may have some questions. Learn about how to prepare for a test, or find out information about a specific medical test or procedure. Find out more about Medical Tests.


You may require surgery to help you maintain a healthy weight. In this section, learn about preparing for surgery, choosing a surgeon and what to expect.

First Aid

Find out what to do in case of emergency, injury or accidents. First Aid skills can help you treat minor injuries such as sprains or insect bites, and help you feel confident in assisting an injured person. Call 9-1-1 or other emergency services, such as the local fire department, sheriff, or hospital, if you need help. 


Last Updated: June 2021