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Find more health resources and learn how to contact HealthLink BC.

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Aging Well

Find topics about common health concerns for seniors. You can also find useful resources that will help you make informed decisions about your health and health care in British Columbia. Learn more about aging well in B.C. 


You can order guidebooks and resources, including the Healthy Eating for Seniors Guide, the Move for Life DVD and guides on reducing sodium and sugary drinks. You can also order HealthLinkBC brochures, posters and magnets. Learn more on our Resources page.  

Health Features

Our health features highlight common health concerns that affect British Columbians. They provide an overview of the topic and direct you to related resources and services. Find out more about our health features


Concerned about symptoms that you or a family member is experiencing? These videos outline how calling 8-1-1 can help, and how you can locate a health service near you, using the BC Health Service Locator App. 

Contact Us

HealthLink BC is as close as your phone or the web any time of the day or night, every day of the year. Dial 8-1-1 to speak to a health service navigator and connect with a registered nurse, registered dietician, qualified exercise professional or pharmacist. Contact us today. 


Find order forms for items such as BC HealthGuide Handbook, Move for Life DVDs and HealthLink BC promotional materials. Learn more on our Forms page. 

Interactive Tools

Learn more about your health by using Interactive Tools

About HealthLink BC

HealthLink BC provides reliable non-emergency health information and advice in British Columbia. Learn more about the services we provide.

Last Updated: June 2021