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Relationships and Emotional Health

Last updated: March 2024

Strong family and social relationships can make your child feel loved and secure.  Building trust with your child can encourage them to share parts of their lives with you. Recognizing their unique abilities and behaviour is also helpful. In this section, learn more about what children need to learn and grow.

Family Relationships

Family relationships aren’t always perfect. Sometimes they are complicated and messy. Building a foundation of trust and good communication can go a long way to ensuring a positive dynamic. Learn more:


Mental Health & Illness

Children can develop mental health conditions, just like adults. These conditions can manifest in different ways. If you think that your child is showing symptoms of a mental health condition, speak to your healthcare professional. Learn more about mental health conditions and illness:

Coping with Stress

It is important to recognize stress in children and teenagers and help them with healthy coping strategies. Learn more:

Coping with Loss

The death of a loved one can be a painful experience for children. How you help your child understand and cope with grief depends on their age and emotional development.  Learn more about grief and children:

Drugs and other Substances

Discussing alcohol and substance use with your children can help them understand the risks that accompany them. Learn more about explaining alcohol to your child: