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HealthLink BC 8-1-1 Services

8-1-1 is a free-of-charge provincial health information and advice phone line available in British Columbia. The 8-1-1 phone line is operated by HealthLink BC, which is part of the Ministry of Health. By calling 8-1-1, you can speak to a health service navigator, who can help you find health information and services; or connect you directly with a registered nurse, a registered dietitian, a qualified exercise professional, or a pharmacist.

Health Service Navigators
When you call 8-1-1 you will be connected with a health service navigator. They can provide you with health information, help you navigate the health care system and find health services across the province, or connect you with a registered nurse, registered dietitian, qualified exercise professional, or pharmacist. Our navigators are available any time of the day or night, every day of the year.

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Registered Nurses
Registered nurses at HealthLink BC can help you with non-emergency health concerns, to discuss symptoms and procedures, and to recommend whether you should see a health care provider in person. At any time of the day or night, every day of the year, you can call 8-1-1 to ask a registered nurse your health questions.

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Registered Dietitians

Registered Dietitians at HealthLink BC can answer your healthy eating and nutrition questions.  To speak with a registered dietitian, call 8-1-1 from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time Monday to Friday, or you can Email a HealthLinkBC Dietitian.

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Qualified Exercise Professionals
Qualified exercise professionals at HealthLink BC can answer your physical activity and exercise questions. Qualified exercise professionals can prescribe physical activity and provide exercise advice or guidance to individuals of all ages and abilities. They also provide specialized services for pediatric and bariatric. To speak with a qualified exercise professional, call 8-1-1 Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time, or you can Email Physical Activity Services.

Our qualified exercise professionals work together with registered dietitians to provide the HealthLink BC Eating and Activity Program for Kids. For more information about the program, call 8-1-1 and ask for the HealthLink BC Eating and Activity Program for Kids.

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You can call 8-1-1 to talk to a pharmacist about your medication questions. Our pharmacists are on call at 8-1-1 when your community pharmacist may be unavailable—every night from 5pm to 9am Pacific Time.

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