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Parenting School –Age Children (6-11 years)

The ages from 6-11 years are an important time in your child’s emotional development. They learn problem-solving skills and develop friendships. Listening to and valuing your child’s opinions will nurture their self-esteem, social skills and communications skills.

Mealtime for School-Age Children

Eating a variety of healthy foods will provide your child with nutrition for growth, development and learning. As your child grows, they’ll start making more of their own decisions about what to eat. 

Caring for Your School-Age Child

Your home life and family relationships are the biggest influence on your young child’s development. Learn about Caring for Your School-Age Child.

School-Age Children Growth & Development (Age 6-11)

Your child may develop different interests and activities during this stage. Learn about School-Age Children Growth & Development.  

Good Sleep Habits for Children

Establishing healthy daytime and evening routines can help your child have a good night’s sleep. Learn about setting up Good Sleep Habits for Children.

Back to School (Health Feature)

The transition from summer holidays to the school year can be a challenge for families. Everyone needs time to adjust. Learn about keeping your child safe and healthy as they go back to school

Last Updated: June 2021