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Parenting Preschoolers (3-5 years)

A child’s world is always expanding. Interactions with family and friends will help shape their personality, ways of thinking and moving. As they become more independent, they will want to explore. In this section, learn some ways that you can nurture your child’s development and help build your relationship with them.

Mealtime and Your Preschooler

Healthy eating can help you and your family stay healthy and feel your best. Learn how to establish a healthy mealtime for your preschooler.  

Caring for Your Preschooler

Your child is learning to express feelings, ideas and curiosity about the world around them. Providing proper care for your preschooler will help them flourish. Learn more about caring for your preschooler.

Preschooler Growth & Development

Learn how to promote healthy growth and development of your preschooler.

Good Sleep Habits 10 Tips

Good sleep habits are important. Learn how to encourage your child to sleep well and develop a routine with these tips.

Last Updated: June 2021