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Register Your Pregnancy for Prenatal Care


Prenatal Registry


Pregnancy is an exciting time! It's also a time full of physical, emotional and life changes. Get the best possible support during and after pregnancy by registering with your local health authority.

Community support and prenatal care is available to all pregnant people who are residents of B.C.. Receiving these services is as simple as connecting with your health authority and completing a confidential registration form (see links below) or talking directly to a public health nurse. Registering connects you with public health nurses and community resources to ensure you, your baby and family get the best possible information, care and support. Public health nurses can support you in many ways and will:

  • Answer questions and give information about nutrition, lifestyle, wellbeing, relationships, breastfeeding, parenting and more
  • Support you in making positive choices in pregnancy
  • Inform and connect you to community resources and services
  • Provide you with a copy of the Baby's Best Chance Handbook (digital or hardcopy)
  • Teach you how to care for your baby
  • Guide you in planning wellness checks for you and your baby

How to Register

Click your region's health authority link below. A public health nurse will follow up with you shortly once your registration is complete. Don't know what health authority covers you? See this map.

  • Fraser Health: Complete prenatal registry by clicking here.
  • Interior Health: Complete prenatal registry by clicking here OR call 1-855-868-7710.
  • Island Health: Complete prenatal registry by clicking here.
  • Northern Health: Access prenatal services by clicking here or email
  • Vancouver Coastal Health: Complete web form (PDF) by clicking here OR call 1-855-550-2229

Register as early in your pregnancy as possible to receive the best possible care!

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Last Updated: April 15, 2015