Sexual and Reproductive Health

Sexual and Reproductive Health

The information in this section will assist you in making informed decisions when it comes to your sexual and reproduction health.

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Abortion is the early ending of a pregnancy. Learn more about abortion and your options in B.C.

Birth Control

Knowing your options and making informed choices about birth control is an important part of your sexual health.

Emergency Contraception (EC)

Emergency contraception methods can stop a woman from becoming pregnant after having sex. However, it must be used as soon as possible. Learn about which methods are available, where to get more information and how to use them properly.

Fertility Problems

Having trouble getting pregnant? You are not alone. Learn more about potential fertility problems in this section.

Menstruation and Menstrual Problems

Menstruation is the monthly shredding of your uterine lining. Learn about your menstrual cycle, menstrual cramps, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Pap Test

A Pap test is important for early detection of cervical cancer. Learn more about this procedure and how often you should schedule a pap test.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Learn more about sexually transmitted infections, the risks of these infections, and how to prevent them.

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