Healthy Eating and Nutrition Websites

In addition to our Healthy Eating resources, you may want to visit these additional resources for more information about food, nutrition and health.

Food and Nutrition Associations

A list of websites providing information on food and nutrition associations.

Dietitians of Canada (DC)
DC is the nation-wide voice of Canadian dietitians. DC serves Canadians by maintaining high professional standards, advocating for sound public policy that promotes health, and providing trusted evidence-based nutrition information for both the public and Registered Dietitians. The website includes nutrition information, resources, and a search tool to find a consulting dietitian in your area.

This website offers reliable information provided by Registered Dietitians to help support health and quality of life through healthy eating. Topics include disease prevention, healthy weights, family nutrition, healthy eating, and more.

Health Canada - Health Products and Food Branch (HPFB)
Responsible for helping Canadians to maintain and improve their health by providing access to safe, high quality food, drugs, medical devices, and other health products. This link provides information about the activities that the HPFB is involved with including fact sheets and newsletters.

NutritionLink Services Society
A registered non-profit society incorporated under the Societies Act of BC. NutritionLink is also registered in Ottawa as a charitable organization. The Society is run by a volunteer board of Registered Dietitians and other British Columbians with a keen interest in nutrition education. They currently employ Registered Dietitians to provide services through the projects and programs they operate.

American Dietetic Association (ADA) (US)
ADA is the world's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. Provides nutrition information and resources for both the public and health professionals. Several additional resources are available to members and personal subscribers.

American Society for Nutrition
The American Society for Nutrition (ASN) is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing together top researchers to advance knowledge and practice in the application of nutrition. Publishes the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the Journal of Nutrition, and provides free access to abstracts and many full text articles. Subscriptions are available for access to all full text articles.

American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN)
Dedicated to advancing the science and practice of nutrition support therapy, ASPEN publishes the Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (JPEN) and Nutrition in Clinical Practice (NCP). This web site offers professional resources, information about continuing education, and a patient information section. Various features offered require a membership or subscription.

Sports Nutrition

Includes websites that provide information, support and research in the area of sports.

Coaching Association of Canada (CAC)
A non-profit amateur sport organization that strives to improve the experiences of all Canadian athletes through quality coaching. The website provides information about training and certification programs for coaches, access to the Canadian Journal for Coaching in Women, information on sports nutrition, research, resources for parents and more.

Position of Dietitians of Canada, the American Dietetic Association, and the American College of Sports Medicine – Nutrition and Athletic Performance (2000)
This position paper reviews scientific data related to optimal nutrition for athletic performance. (PDF)

SportMed BC
A non-profit society that promotes leadership, public awareness, and education within sport medicine, sport science, and sport training. Provides information about the nutrition programs and services available. Search the SportMed Library to find nutrition information.

Careers in Nutrition

Provides information about a rewarding career in nutrition.

Dietitians of Canada - Become a Dietitian
Provides information about the role of a Registered Dietitian, how to become a dietitian, and the Standards of Practice that guide the profession.

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