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Prenatal Classes in the Third Trimester


pregnant women with partners attending a prenatal class



Prenatal classes can help you and your partner plan for what you can expect - physically and emotionally - during childbirth and the early days of parenting. 

The classes, available for a fee, are led by a facilitator, a public health nurse or a trained childbirth educator. The topics covered typically include:Women and their partners who attend prenatal classes usually have healthier pregnancies and healthier babies.  

  • fetal growth and development 
  • healthy eating and nutrition during pregnancy 
  • pregnancy changes and coping strategies
  • preterm labour or low birth weight babies
  • physical activity during pregnancy and after birth 
  • labour and delivery support, including relaxation techniques and variations in labour 
  • parenting supports and resources available to new parents
  • breastfeeding, infant safety, self care and baby care

To find out where a prenatal class is taking place in your community or if funding is available for low-income expectant parents, call your local public health office.

Last Updated: August 5, 2013