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Personal Support When You're Giving Birth


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Your partner and anyone else you'd like can be with you during your labour and birth.  

Think about who you want to include and make sure they’re available.

Having someone with you and your partner during labour has been shown to shorten labour and lessen the amount of pain medication needed.In addition to their partners, many women choose to have a close friend, relative or parent join them during labour. Some women also choose to hire a doula to provide emotional and physical support to them and their partners before, during and just after birth. A doula does not provide medical care and the cost of a doula is not covered by the B.C. Medical Services Plan.

Because your labour may be longer than expected, it may be helpful to have more than one person with you. Then they can take short breaks if needed and you will not be alone.

The Partner Pledge

I promise that:

  • This birth will be the priority for my time and energy.
  • I will make sure everyone at work knows I may have to leave on short notice.
  • I will have gas in the car or other transportation arranged ahead of time.
  • I will not plan important travel or events for two weeks before and two weeks after the due date.
  • I can be reached at any time.
  • I will have child care arranged for any children who will not be attending the birth.
  • I will have arranged child care for any children who will be attending the birth.
  • I will be kind, supportive, encouraging, and helpful

Resources & Links: 
For more information about doula services, visit the Doula Services Association website.

Last Updated: August 5, 2013