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Your Third Trimester

What can you and your partner expect in the third trimester (28 weeks - birth) of your pregnancy? 

Here's an overview, with topics ranging from your baby's development to key decisions you'll have to consider.

Third Trimester

Your third trimester lasts from week 28 until the birth of your baby. Learn more in this section:

Medical Care

During your third trimester, you’ll see your healthcare provider more regularly. Learn more about Check-ups and Tests in the Third Trimester.

Physical Changes

You may experience a range of new physical changes during the third trimester. Your baby may drop lower in your pelvis. Learn more about other changes to expect, in this section:

Supports During Your Third Trimester

You may want to take prenatal classes during your pregnancy. This can help prepare you for the birth of your baby. Choosing someone to support you through the birth is also important.

Preparing for Labour and Birth

A key part of planning for your baby is deciding where you want to give birth. You may wish to write out your birth plan ahead of time. Learn more about preparing for labour and birth:

Last Updated: June 2021