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Posture and Back Care During Pregnancy


pregnant woman sitting on yoga mat holding belly



Pregnancy, especially later pregnancy, can be a real pain in the back.  

The good news is that following a few basic tips can help keep your spine strong and healthy.

Start by practicing good posture to offset the growing weight of your abdomen and breasts. Check your posture throughout the day by:

  • pulling in your abdominal muscles - think “belly button to back bone”
  • pulling your shoulders back and straightening your spine
  • standing up straight and walking tall

This will help you avoid developing a sway or arch in your lower back, which can cause discomfort in your back, shoulders and hips.

Back pain is also common later in pregnancy. To keep it to a minimum:

  • practice correct posture

  • don’t lift or move heavy or large objects
  • lift with your legs and not your back, by bending your knees
  • hold the object you are lifting close to your body
  • do not twist when lifting
  • keep your knees slightly bent but not locked when standing
  • “log roll” when getting up from a lying position (turn onto your side and push up with both arms)
  • rest and sleep on your side and put a pillow between your knees to support the upper leg
  • if standing for long periods, put one foot on a stool
  • wear comfortable, supportive shoes

Resouces and Links:
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Last Updated: August 2, 2013