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Staying Safe at Work When You're Pregnant


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If you're like most women, you'll probably work during at least part of your pregnancy.

Here are some tips to help ensure your experience is safe and comfortable.

Talk to your healthcare provider about any risks you may encounter at work, such as dangerous chemicals and fumes, infections and overheating. You may have to stop performing physical work, such as heavy lifting, and other parts of your job may need to be modified. Talk to your employer about what changes may be possible.

If you stand for long periods:

  • frequently shift your weight from one foot to the other
  • place one foot on a footrest
  • wear comfortable, supportive shoes
  • take as many breaks as possible and try to find a quiet place to lie down or at least put your feet up

If you sit for long periods:

  • change your position frequently
  • use a footrest
  • get up and walk as often as possible

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Last Updated: August 8, 2013