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Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

Expectant mothers may be more vulnerable to certain food-borne illnesses. If you are expecting, make sure that you practice healthy eating habits. Learn more in this section:

Choosing Foods During Pregnancy

Eating a balanced diet ensures that you get important nutrients that you need during your pregnancy. Following Canada’s Food Guide can help you plan healthy meals and snacks and make sure that you get a variety of vegetables and fruit, protein and whole grain foods. Learn more about healthy eating during pregnancy:

Plant-Based Eating and Pregnancy

A well-rounded, plant-based diet can be a good source of nutrition during pregnancy. Pay special attention to getting enough vitamins, minerals and proteins, as these are vital to your fetus’s growth. If you plan to eat a plant-based or vegan diet, consider calling 8-1-1 and speaking with a dietitian. A dietitian can ensure you are on the right path to healthy eating.

Physical Activity During Pregnancy

Maintaining an active lifestyle is key to healthy weight gain during pregnancy. You can modify activities and exercises to fit with your stage of pregnancy. This includes brisk walking, prenatal yoga, dance and other types of gentle movement practices. Learn more about physical activity during pregnancy:

Last Updated: June 2021