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Health Care Providers During Pregnancy

When you become pregnant, finding a health care professional that works closely with you and shares in decision-making is important. In B.C., you may choose a midwife or family physician, or in some cases an OB/Gyn to provide primary care throughout your pregnancy. Learn about choosing a health care professional in this section:

Pregnancy Services & Resources

There are many community services available to you before, during and after pregnancy. Learn more about pregnancy-related services and resources:

Special Concerns

Occasionally, women will need special care while pregnant. This could be due to a health issue or problems experienced during a previous pregnancy. In this case, your care team will expand to include certain specialists, such as an obstetrician (OB/Gyn), maternal-fetal medicine, neonatology and/or a pediatrician.  Your primary care provider (midwife or GP) will arrange further consultation or referral as needed.

Last Updated: June 2021