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Pregnancy: Relationship Changes


Pregnancy starts a new phase of your relationship with your partner. You can expect a natural shift in roles. It's likely that you will have less time to pay attention to each other. And your expectations of each other may change.

  • If this is your first child as a couple, you will notice that your focus on each other evolves into something new. There is a new focus of attention on a third party, your future child. After the birth, you will get to know each other in new ways. You will see each other as parents.
  • If you have one or more children already, then you know about the limits to "couple time" that parents have. Being a parent puts demands on your time. So make sure to schedule some adult time together too.

For many couples, pregnancy is an exciting time of change. But it's also a time of stress and new challenges. Many couples find that pregnancy brings worries about money and emotions that they didn't expect. Some couples find it useful to see a counsellor before or after the birth. It helps them make a healthy transition from "couple" to "family" or from "family" to "larger family."


Current as of: February 27, 2023

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