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Falls Prevention for Toddlers


toddler crawling on the floor and smiling



Children can be injured by falls, however the risk of falls can be prevented.

Here are some tips for keeping your toddler safe from falls.

  • Install gates at the bottom and top of any stairs until your toddler can use them easily. At about the age of 24 months, your toddler will start going up and down stairs independently. It’s safest to face the stairs while going up and down.

  • Keep toys off the stairs, and remove any loose carpets.

  • Soften edges on furniture, countertops and fireplaces. To do this, put homemade or store bought corner guards or cushioned strips on the corners and edges.

  • Your toddler may want to reach something up high or look out the window. Install locks on all windows.

  • Don’t let your toddler carry breakable items, such as glass, when walking. Also, stop your toddler from walking with a sucker or Popsicle™ in her mouth.

  • Put decals, cutouts or your toddler’s artwork on your glass doors at his eye level to help him see the glass.

  • Secure bookcases, TV cabinets or other furniture to the wall with safety screws to prevent them from falling on your toddler.

Last Updated: August 10, 2013