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Toddlers' Language Development from 24-30 Months


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When your toddler is between 24 and 30 months, be prepared to answer A LOT of questions.

While "no!" may be a favourite word, "why" will be a close second!  

Here's what else you can expect.

Language Milestones

As your toddler's language skills continue to develop, he will start to use personal pronouns such as "I," "me," and "you" and put together simple two word sentences. You can also expect your toddler to:

  • Say her first and last names. 
  • Answer simple questions, such as, "What’s your name?" 
  • Enjoy looking at books and talking about the pictures. 
  • Sing parts of songs. 

Does your family speak more than one language?

To pass along this gift to your toddler, you may want to try one of these strategies:

  • Speak to him in two languages right from the start. For example, one parent or caregiver can speak English while the other parent/caregiver speaks another language.
  • If you use only one language at home, your toddler can learn a second language in the community, at daycare, or at her playschool.
  • For services and information in French, visit the Fédération des parents francophones de Colombie-Britannique

Play and Activity

Continue to make reading with your toddler a priority - reading is an excellent way to nurture language skills. Also, be sure to talk with your toddler. You may be surprised by just how much your child has to say!

Here are some more tips for supporting your toddler’s language development:

  • Listen to audiotapes and CDs of nursery rhymes together. 
  • Use correct pronouns in sentences. For example, instead of saying, “Mommy is going out,” say, “I am going out.” 
  • Show your toddler that you are interested in what he says by repeating it back. 
  • Look at family pictures with your toddler and use simple sentences to describe what is happening: “This was Sarah’s birthday party.” 
  • Play language games, such as “Where Is Your Ear?” 

Other Language Milestones

Between 24 and 30 months your toddler may also:

  • Use words that describe, such as "big," "dirty," "wet," or "hot." 
  • Talk more in interactions and during stories. 
  • Know and say personal details, such as name and age. 
  • Understand two step directions: "Please go into the kitchen and bring me the big spoon." 
  • Recite a few simple nursery rhymes. 
  • Use plurals in a general way. Your toddler will likely say "foots" instead of "feet."

Resources & Links:

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Last Updated: August 10, 2013