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Caring For Your Toddler

Caring for a toddler can raise many questions. Parents wonder if their child is at a healthy weight or if they are getting enough physical activity. Learn more about caring for your toddler in this section:


Learn some tips for protecting your toddler’s hearing from ear infections and loud noises. Learn more about hearing health and when to take your toddler to a healthcare professional:


As they grow, a toddler’s vision develops over time. Vision development in the early years plays an important role in learning and early childhood development.

Eye exams are covered under the provincial medical services plan (MSP) and all children should have a full eye exam before the age of five. The BC Doctors of Optometry also recommends that children receive their first exam when they are six-nine months old, with a follow-up exam at least once before kindergarten, and then yearly onwards, through childhood and adolescence.

Learn some tips for Protecting Your Toddler's Vision and recognizing when they need to visit a healthcare professional.

Challenging Behaviours

A toddler’s newfound independence can cause them to test your boundaries. They may throw tantrums or start crying. By setting firm and fair boundaries, you’ll help your child understand what they can or cannot do. Learn more about dealing with challenging toddler behaviours:


Follow medicine precautions when giving your child Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen. Learn more:


Establish good oral health habits for your child. Brushing and Flossing a Child's Teeth are part of good dental hygiene. Your child can learn how to brush their own teeth at about 3 years of age and should be brushing their own teeth morning and night by age 4.


Most children develop mild colds and coughs at least once a year. Learn more about Care for Toddlers' Colds and Coughs. For concerns about COVID-19 symptoms or for information on caring for your child during the COVID-19 pandemic, please see Children, Youth and Families During COVID-19 and Symptoms of COVID-19.

Health Care Visits

Learn who to call when your child is sick or feeling unwell in this section.

Last Updated: June 2021