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Caring for Your Teen

Parenting a teenager can be challenging and rewarding. Teens are busy negotiating their place in the world and where they fit in. As they struggle to gain independence, they can be inconsistent with their affections, argumentative and even hurtful. Show your teen unconditional love and support during this time.

Body Image and Media Messages

Teens are exposed to many mixed messages in media, including messages about body image. Some of these messages are encouraging and realistic. Others are detrimental. This can lead to poor body image and low self-esteem in your teen. You can help your child cope with body issues by listening to their concerns and being a positive body role model. Learn more here:

Activities for Teens

Involving teens in activities that interest them has many benefits. It gives them a chance to explore their strengths, boost their self-esteem and gain connection. Learn more about activities for teens in this section:

Teens and Alcohol

Helping your teen make safe, healthy decisions about alcohol can reduce their risk of harm. This includes giving information about alcohol, its risks and what your expectations are. Learn more in this section:

Teen Relationships

As your child becomes a teenager, you may notice they start to change. They may need more privacy or pursue the beginnings of romantic relationships. Your teen needs the same love and support that you’ve always given them. In this section, learn more about teen relationships:

Teen Health

The teen years may be the most difficult time for a young person with diabetes and their parents. Learn more about helping to manage your teen’s diabetes.

Last Updated: June 2021