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Caring for Your Preschooler

Preschoolers are learning to express their feelings, ideas and curiosity about the world around them. Learning how to talk and listen to your preschooler will encourage good self-esteem and build good family relationships. It will also help make sure that they feel secure and have what they need to grow.

Providing Guidance for Preschoolers

Developing Social Skills at Preschool

Preschoolers enjoy regular social contact. Being social helps children build good relationships with others. With practice, they will learn to make friends and be comfortable in groups. Learn more about helping your child develop social skills:

Temper Tantrums & Crying in Preschool

It takes time for preschoolers to learn how to deal with their feelings. Tantrums and crying are common behaviours. Giving your child comfort and support helps them to know they are loved and that they can come to you with problems.Learn more about challenging behaviours:

Preschooler Health

Modeling a safe lifestyle for your child will help them gain confidence in exploring the world. Learn more about keeping your preschooler healthy:

Dental Care for Preschoolers

Taking care of your toddler's teeth is vital to their general health. Choosing foods and drinks that are low in sugar, making regular visits to the dentist and brushing with toothpaste all contribute to overall dental health. Learn more about caring for your child's teeth:

Last Updated: June 2021