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Tips for Soothing


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Babies generally cry because they're hungry, uncomfortable, sick, hurt or looking for affection. But sometimes, you can try everything and your baby won't stop crying.  

Here are some tips that may help soothe and calm your baby down.

  • Snuggle your baby close to your chest.
  • Check your baby's diaper. Make sure it's clean and dry.
  • Feed and burp her.
  • Wrap your baby in a soft blanket. Keep him warm and comfortable - but not too hot. Do not put your baby in crib or bassinette wrapped in a blanket.
  • Sing to your baby or play soft music or other relaxing sounds.
  • Offer a soother or teething ring.
  • Offer a favourite blanket or soft toy while cuddling.
  • Provide gentle motion. 
    • Walk with or rock your baby.
    • Use a baby swing (if you have one).
    • Go for a walk in a stroller.
    • Go for a car ride.

If these approaches don't work, don’t blame yourself or your child. Crying is a normal stage that will pass with time.

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Last Updated: August 11, 2013