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Getting Back to Fully Breastfeeding


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Some mothers and babies have a difficult time when learning how to breastfeed, particularly in the first week.

Sometimes, babies may be given formula in the hospital – but that doesn't mean you have to give up on breastfeeding.

Most women can fully breastfeed their babies again, even if they encounter challenges in the beginning. Here’s how:

  • Get help. Ask for support from family and friends. Create a list of breastfeeding resources that you can use in your community. This may include public health nurses, breastfeeding clinics, a pregnancy outreach program, your midwife, lactation consultants, and the La Leche League.
  • Create a feeding plan. Ask a public health nurse or midwife to help you develop a feeding plan with the goal of getting back to fully breastfeeding.
  • Follow the Four Breastfeeding Basics (they fit together to make a feeding plan).

An easy way to understand breastfeeding is: Babies need to drink milk, mothers need to make milk and they both need time together to make it work.

You can overcome most breastfeeding problems by following the Four Breastfeeding Basics. The four principles for ensuring that you will produce enough milk and your baby will get enough to eat all fit together to make a breastfeeding plan. The most important principle is that your baby gets enough milk!

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Last Updated: August 11, 2013