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Breastfeeding Support for New Mothers


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Welcoming a new baby into your life can be exhausting, and breastfeeding takes time to learn.

If you're facing challenges such as sore nipples, or are exhausted and experiencing emotional difficulties, it's important to get help immediately. 

In addition to identifying supportive friends and family members, be sure that you know where else to turn for breastfeeding support.  Here are some ideas:

Other Moms: One of the best ways to learn about how mothers cope and care for babies is by joining a mother group, such as La Leche League. La Leche League supports breastfeeding mothers by telephone and during group meetings. You can find a group in your area here.

Pregnancy Outreach Programs: Many communities have outreach programs to support a mother through pregnancy and the early months of parenting. Many programs include breastfeeding support. Contact your local public health office for more information.

Health Units: Public health services include: telephone counseling, home and office visits, breastfeeding clinics, and mothers' groups. They may also include lactation consultants.  Other public health unit services for new families include newborn hearing screening, speech and language, dental and nutritionist services.

Healthcare Providers: Midwives follow mothers for the first six weeks after the baby’s birth, usually offering home and office support. Some offer group support for mothers, as well. Lactation consultants work in many different hospitals and health units. They have lots of experience helping with breastfeeding challenges. Family doctors can assist with medical issues related to breastfeeding.

BC Women’s Hospital Breastfeeding Clinic: Phone: 604-875-2282 or visit their website for more information.

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Last Updated: August 3, 2013