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Baby's First Breastmilk - Colostrum


mom breastfeeding new baby, dad at bedside



Colostrum, often called 'liquid gold', is your baby's first milk.

Your breasts make colostrum from about the middle of your pregnancy until your baby's a few days old. 

You may notice colostrum leaking from your breasts during pregnancy. This is normal.

This special first milk comes in small amounts - perfect for your baby's tiny tummy. Colostrum is concentrated and rich in nutrients that are good for your baby. It also contains high levels of antibodies and key ingredients to help protect your baby from infections. Colostrum also helps your baby pass meconium (baby’s first poop). It also helps to coat the gut (digestive tract), making it less vulnerable to any harmful bugs. If mothers decide not to breastfeed, their babies benefit from even a few feedings of colostrum.

Building and maintaining your milk supply

Watch a video on latching your baby. When your baby is born, breast feed often. Feed on demand, which means whenever your baby wants to eat. Newborns need to breast-feed eight to 12 times in a 24-hour period.

Last Updated: August 13, 2013