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Safe Use of Strollers for Babies


mom pushing stroller with baby sleeping inside



The stroller is one of the most important things you’ll want for your baby. It lets you get out and explore the world together. Here are some tips to help you do it safely.

  • Use the five point harness to prevent your baby from falling forward and tipping.
  • Keep your baby and any older children at a safe distance when you open and close a stroller to avoid injury to little fingers.
  • Do not hang your purse or heavy packages on the stroller handle. Heavy items can unbalance the stroller, causing it to tip.
  • Always set the brake when the stroller is not moving
  • Check the stroller regularly for sharp edges, loose folding parts, faulty brakes, and loose wheels.
  • Always read the manufacturer's instructions, even for a used stroller.

Jogging or Running Strollers

  • Jogging strollers can be used on both paved and uneven surfaces such as paths, trails, or snow.
  • It’s not safe to jog with a baby less than one year old.
  • Infants have weak neck muscles and cannot handle the impact of jogging or jostling on bumpy trails.
  • If you use a jogging stroller while walking with an infant, it must have a fully reclining seat.
  • Always use a five point harness to secure your baby into a jogging stroller.

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Last Updated: August 7, 2013