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Baby Growth and Development

Babies go through considerable changes from birth to 12 months. From the start, they are learning how to communicate, make eye contact and recognize your voice. Your baby’s physical development can be rapid. Providing your baby with loving attention and introducing them to new things will help their growth and development.  

Social and Emotional Development

Your baby starts to communicate with you immediately. In their own way, they ask for social interaction with others. Your baby will benefit from the protection, support and attention you provide. Learn more about social and emotional development.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development refers to the way your baby learns to think, gather and organize information, solve problems and develop judgment. Showing your baby new and interesting things can help their cognitive development.

Speech and Language

Your baby begins to learn language skills almost immediately. Around 6 to 9 months of age, most babies begin to make the link between sound and meaning. By 12 months, they may have mastered a few words and usually understand far more. Learn more about language and development.

Last Updated: June 2021