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Baby Care

At times, baby care can feel like a mix of trial and error. Your baby may be fussy or seem uncomfortable, without a clear reason. Understanding and responding to your baby’s cues can help create a healthy emotional attachment. It will also help you to provide the right type of care that your baby needs for a healthy start.

Emotional Care

Having a happy, confident child requires a strong, healthy emotional attachment.  For some parents, this will come naturally. There are simple steps you can take to ensure a good connection with your baby.

Physical Care

Babies require delicate care during the first few months after birth. Learn more about infant care in this section.


Babies can feel discomfort around their mouths when they are teething. This can lead to biting, especially of caregivers. Babies can also bite their mothers when breastfeeding. Using a soother can help ease the discomfort. Speak to your healthcare professional to determine what works best for your baby.


There are many kinds of birthmarks. They can be any size or shape and can be different colours. Most are harmless and painless. Learn more about birthmarks in this section.


It's up to you whether you have your baby circumcised. Circumcision has both risks and benefits. Learn more about circumcision.

Birth Defects in Newborns

Birth defects are common in newborns. They range from mild to severe. Learn more about some common defects in this section.

Last Updated: June 2021