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Nurturing Your Relationship After Giving Birth


man and woman with young toddler daughter


Having a baby can bring couples closer together, but adjusting to life with a new baby can cause some challenges within a relationship.

Here are some ideas for reinforcing the bond with your partner.

New parents may spend so much time and energy caring for their baby that they end up putting their relationship last.  

To nurture your relationship:

  • Reconnect by going on regular dates, even just meeting mid-week for coffee. Write dates on your calendar and ask a babysitter or trusted family member to take care of your baby.
  • Make time for a healthy sexual relationship
  • If possible, travel to and from work together.
  • Take an evening class together.
  • Plan and cook meals as a team. 
  • Connect every day. This could be some quiet time before your baby wakes in the morning or later in the evening. Even setting aside 10 minutes to chat about the day can nurture your relationship.
Last Updated: August 5, 2013