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Concerns About Sexuality After Giving Birth


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Many new moms (and dads!) wonder "How soon after the baby is born can we have sex?"

It really varies from person to person and every woman is different.  But there are some general guidelines. 

You may have sex again when you feel ready, usually when vaginal bleeding has decreased and any tears or stitches have healed. Feeling well rested and enjoying lots of foreplay will help. Vaginal dryness can result in discomfort during intercourse, but using a sterile, water soluble lubricant will make things easier.

Before you start having sex again, ensure you have effective birth control. Remember, you can still get pregnant while breastfeeding or before your period has resumed.

Tips for Having Sex After Childbirth

  • Uncomfortable? Try different positions. Use pillows for support where needed. 
  • Too tired? Have sex in the morning, afternoon, or a time when you feel more rested.
  • Breasts leaking? Wear a padded nursing bra.
  • Not enjoying it?  You may need to wait a while longer.  In addition to healing from labour and birth, it's normal for women to need some time to "get in the mood".


Last Updated: August 10, 2013