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Healthy Habits For a Healthy Life

Healthy Habits

You can help your child establish healthy lifestyle behaviours from an early age. If healthy habits like eating well and getting enough physical exercise and sleep are established early, it is easier to make them a part of a routine. The sooner in life we build healthy habits, the easier it is to keep them.

Healthy Weights

Healthy habits can help your child achieve or maintain a healthy weight. Learn more about expected weights and when you may want your child to visit a health care provider.

Physical Activity

Daily physical activity can promote healthy growth and development. Making physical activity part of their routine now can help children establish a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about physical activity for infants, children and youth.

Sleep Habits for You and Your Child

Bedtime routines can help you and your child get a better sleep. There are many tips you can use to make falling asleep a breeze. Learn more about helping your children-and yourself-sleep well.

Last Updated: June 30, 2021