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Your Health Information

Get secure online access to your health information when and where you need it.

You can securely and easily access your health information online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when you register with one of the resources listed below. Available to British Columbians across the province or through your health authority, these resources can provide you with access to your immunization records, lab results, medications dispensed, medical imaging reports and more.

Register with Health Gateway to access your BC vaccine card, COVID-19 immunization record and COVID-19 test results. You can also access COVID-19 test results for your children 11 years and under.

Note: Health Gateway is not used for COVID-19 immunization registration and booking. Please visit the COVID-19 Vaccination and Immunization webpage for more information on getting immunized.

Your Provincial Resources

Health Gateway

Health Gateway provides British Columbians with secure access to a single view of their health information. It is accessible by anyone 12 and older using the mobile BC Services Card app.

Health Gateway provides access to:

  • Your BC Vaccine Card (registration not required)
  • COVID-19 test results and immunization records
  • Dispensed medication information dating back to 1995
  • Immunizations from public health and community pharmacies
  • Health visits, consultations and procedures billed to the BC Medical Services Plan within the past 7 years
  • Special Authority Requests from March 2021 onward

In the future, the Health Gateway will include access to laboratory test results, hospital visits, diagnostic imaging reports and more.


MyCareCompass (Lifelabs) can be used by British Columbians aged 16 or older to access most lab results and book appointments at Lifelabs.

Your Health Authority Resources

Fraser Health


MyChart™ is an online patient portal with easy access to your medical records and personal health information.

Registration is open to patients in Fraser Health who are 19 or older from on of the following clinics: Fraser Health Renal Services, Community Respiratory Therapy, and Cardiac Ambulatory Care.

Registration is open to patients in Fraser Health who are 19 or older from one of the following clinics:

  • Fraser Health Renal Services
  • Community Respiratory Therapy
  • Cardiac Ambulatory Care

Interior Health


MyHealthPortal is an online tool that provides Interior Health patients with secure 24-7 access to their personal health information from a computer, tablet or smartphone. MyHealthPortal is available for citizens 19 years and older, or between 12-18 years old with the support of your doctor or nurse practitioner.

Once enrolled, you will be able to:

  • Access lab reports, medical imaging reports and visit history
  • View certain transcribed reports from physicians, nurse practitioner and midwives
  • View certain appointment details and instructions
  • View and update allergies and conditions
  • Update your address, phone number and other contact information
  • Download and install the MyHealthPortal app
  • Share access to your account
  • Request parental access for Minors (0-11 yrs) or Incapable Adults

Island Health

My Health

MyHealth is a secure online resource that gives Island Health patients access to their personal health information. This includes: access to Island Health laboratory results, medical imaging reports, clinical documentation, and outpatient appointments.

You can register with MyHealth if you are 19 years and older, or between 12 to 18 years old with the support of your doctor or nurse practitioner.

Northern Health


HealthElife gives Northern Health patients secure online access to hospital services and hospital digital health information. You can access information for yourself, your children, or any adult or elderly family members you may be supporting in care.

You can view your lab results, including most COVID-19 tests; view your medical imaging reports; view scheduled hospital lab and medical imaging appointments; check in online for walk-in lab and other outpatient services; and share your health information.

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Last updated: October 25, 2021