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Flooding and Your Health

Flooding and Your Health

Learn about flooding preparing for an emergency, food and water safety, evacuation information, and more.

Flooding can affect your health and safety in a number of ways. You may be required to evacuate if flooding is close to your home.

Learn what you can do before an emergency or disaster such as flooding, and what you can to do stay safe and healthy during and after a flooding event in your area by using the Government of BC: Flooding Preparedness Guide.

Evacuation Information

If there is flooding in or near your community, you may be evacuated to a safer area. For more information, please visit the Evacuation Information During Flooding page

Food Supply and Food Safety

While the food supply is currently stable in British Columbia, food may be delayed in reaching all regions and communities given impacts to transport networks including roads and railways. During this time, the Province is taking steps to ensure priority goods get to impacted communities and regions to make sure there remains a steady supply of food where and when you need to buy it. To learn more about what you need to do to access safe and nutritious food, visit Get the Groceries You Need, But Don’t Panic Buy.

For information about safe handling of food during an emergency, visit the Food Safety During Flooding Disasters page.

Drinking Water and Water Supply

If your water supply is unsafe to drink, a Boil Water Advisory or a similar notice may have been issued by your water supplier (if you are not on an individual water or independent water source). For more information, visit the Drinking Water and Water Supply page.

Dealing with Stress and Trauma

Disasters, such as floods, can impact your emotional health as much as your physical health. Learn what you can do to recognize signs of stress or trauma in yourself and your family.

What to do after the Flood

When your local or First Nations government has declared it is safe for you to return home, there are steps you can take to make the transition easier and safer.

Emergency Preparedness

During flooding roads may be closed, you may be cut off from certain supplies and services, or your community may be evacuated. Learn what you can do to prepare for an emergency and stay safe in advance of a potential evacuation alert or order.

Last updated: December 7, 2021