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Mental Health & Well-Being

The workplace has an important influence on a person’s mental health and well-being. It’s now accepted that the workplace can affect a person’s mental health on an every day basis, through their interactions and relationships at work. Employers can help to create a psychologically healthy workplace that promotes positive mental health and well-being for everyone. Key elements to address are stressors such as harassment, bullying, work overload or lack of control over work.


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Employers can create a health-supporting workplace through policy approaches.

Develop a Mental Health and Well-being Policy that is appropriate and relevant to your workplace. Such a policy could include:

  • Recognition that a healthy, safe and supportive working environment can positively affect mental well-being, and in turn both creativity and productivity
  • Creating and maintaining working environments that are engaging, inclusive of a variety of ideas and perspectives, and where responsibilities are shared appropriately
  • Treating all individuals with respect, equality and openness
  • Reducing or removing barriers to workers’ participation in personal and organizational development opportunities
  • Create a statement about the organization’s commitment to a workplace that supports mental health and well-being and actions to be taken
  • Ensure workers know about the policy and include it in new employee orientation

Existing programs designed to support individuals include:

  • Individually-directed health promotion and self-help initiatives such as Living Life to the Full and Bounce Back: Reclaim Your Health (Canadian Mental Health Association)
  • Sign up for the Healthy Workplaces workplace health program to access the Healthy Minds Module, which provides education materials, activity ideas and policy suggestions.

Employers can create a health-supporting workplace. Here are some ideas:

  • Use Guarding Minds at Work 2.0: A Workplace Guide to Psychological Safety and Health to assess and address psychological risk factors in the workplace environment
  • Offer employee support for dealing with significant change in management, high staff turnover or changes in working conditions
  • Include psychological support (i.e. counselling services or the services of a psychologist/psychiatrist) as part of the benefits package offered to employees
  • Provide a quiet space or sick room
  • Offer workshops, lunch & learn sessions and training to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of mental illness, and to help managers and employees address workplace stress