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Green Light Alcohol Combination


green light alcohol combinations



Alcohol is always best in moderation, which means staying within the low-risk drinking guidelines. When you choose to have a drink, follow these “green light” combinations.

A little wine with dinner is common. It’s always a good idea to eat food if you’re drinking alcohol. Having food in your digestive system slows down the absorption of alcohol. The type of food also makes a big difference. Higher fat foods increase the time it takes alcohol to pass from the stomach to the intestine. This slows down the absorption process and reduces blood alcohol content.

Alcohol and Food: a Happy Combination

Studies show that people who drink alcohol after eating a well-balanced meal that includes fat, protein and carbohydrates absorb alcohol about three times more slowly than those who drink on an empty stomach. Try making a homemade thin-crust pizza topped with chicken, mozzarella cheese, and loaded with veggies like bell peppers, spinach and tomatoes.

Matching foods with wines can heighten the enjoyment of both. Combining the right food with the right wine also means taking into account the balance of flavours, the time of day, the season and the type of meal. At cocktail time, serve beer, cider, whisky and other drinks with snacks, such as nuts or whole grain crackers and cheese.

Alcohol in Mixed Cocktails

It’s best to avoid mixing cocktails with sugary drinks, like pop or fruit drinks. If you’re looking for a tasty cocktail without the added sugar, try crushing up fresh berries or cucumber and mint  into water before mixing your drink.

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© Adapted from Éduc’alcool’s “Alcohol and Health” series, 2014. Used under license.

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Last Updated: January 12, 2017