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Alcohol Use

Alcohol misuse creates safety risks for businesses. Steps to prevent and reduce workplace alcohol (and other drug) problems can have a significant impact on health and safety of the workforce and the community.  

“One of the chief problems in combating drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace and in society lies in the widespread acceptance of the social consumption of alcohol, and increasingly, drugs.” -  International Labour Organization

Promote responsible drinking at work-related functions and social occasions.


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Create a Workplace Alcohol Policy that is appropriate and relevant to your workplace. This  could include:

  • Providing staff with a safe, productive and supportive environment in which to work
  • Recognition that excessive drinking may have a negative influence on the health, work and social relationships of employees
  • Support for low-risk alcohol drinking
  • Educating supervisors/managers to help employees deal with problem drinking
  • Ensure workers know about the policy and it is included in new employee orientation
  • Develop a confidential referral system to treat problem drinking
  • If you provide alcohol at a work-related event, know your legal responsibility. You could be held libel for alcohol-related incidents. Make sure there are non-alcoholic, food, and safe transportation options
  • Use Great tips to lower your risk as a host