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Tobacco Use

A smoke-free workplace is the law. The BC Smoking Cessation Program assists smokers with cost of prescription smoking cessation and nicotine replacement therapy to complement supports offered through

"Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable deaths in British Columbia."- BC Ministry of Health

Protect workers from harmful effects of second-hand smoke; help smokers to quit and reduce fire hazards.


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Develop Smoke Free written policies and procedures that are appropriate and relevant to your workplace. This could Include:

  • Support for workers quit attempt
  • Protecting workers, contractors and visitors from environmental tobacco smoke
  • Informing workers about the health risks associated with smoking
  • Ensure workers know about the policy and it is included in new employee orientation


  • Develop smoke-free communications about Provincial smoking restrictions, municipal law and company policy, e.g. signage, posters, bulletin boards, e-mail to staff and face to face reminders in team meetings.
  • Conduct a baseline survey to gain a greater understanding of smokers in your organization. Contact QuitNow Services for survey questions.
  • Develop quit smoking challenges or contests.
  • Visit Healthy Workplaces and sign up for the self-serve program to access the Tobacco-Free Module’s Act tools to learn more about the Quit and Win challenge.