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Jones Fracture

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What is a Jones fracture?

A Jones fracture is a break or a thin (hairline) crack in the fifth metatarsal, the long bone on the outside of the foot. A Jones fracture occurs near the end of this bone that's closest to the ankle.

What are the symptoms?

If you have a Jones fracture, the outer side of your foot may be painful, swollen, and tender. Your foot may look bruised, and you may have trouble walking.

How is it diagnosed?

The doctor will examine your foot and ask about your symptoms and past health. The doctor will probably do an X-ray to confirm the fracture.

How is a Jones fracture treated?

Treatment depends on how bad the fracture is. Small fractures are usually treated with home care, such as rest, ice, and pain medicine. Your doctor may have you wear a cast on your foot to help keep it stable. A splint may be used in some cases if there is a lot of swelling. You may use crutches to help keep weight off your foot. Your doctor may recommend that you keep weight off the foot for several weeks.

The fracture may take 6 weeks to several months to heal. It is important to give your foot time to heal completely, so that you don't hurt it again. Do not return to your usual activities until your doctor says you can.

For some fractures, your doctor may recommend surgery.

Your doctor may suggest that you get physiotherapy to help restore strength and range of motion in your foot.


Current as of: November 9, 2022

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