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American Spelling Usage

The Healthwise® Knowledgebase currently uses American spelling for some content. The B.C. Ministry of Health Services, Healthwise Incorporated and health professionals in British Columbia continue to review and modify the Knowledgebase to reflect Canadian clinical practice, services, and spelling conventions.

When using the search function, please keep this in mind as some terms may still reflect American spelling. For example, a search for "orthopaedist" will return no matches for the enquiry; whereas using the American spelling "orthopedist" returns several matches.

Tip: Use the Alpha list in the Knowledgebase to assist you if your search results in No Matches. Using the above example, select "O" and then "OR" in the Alpha list and scroll down until you reach Orthopedic. For a full listing of the topics available, you now have the spelling that you can enter into the search filed.


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For quick references, you can bookmark or add to your Favourites list the sections of the Knowledgebase you want to return to by simply clicking on the "Bookmark Page" link found at the top of each page.


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Technical Tips


Some government websites may distribute small files called "cookies" to web browsers to assist you when returning to specific areas of the site. If you have concerns, you can change your web browser to not accept this information, or to display warning messages instead.

Users should be aware that if their browser has been configured to not accept cookies, the performance of the website may be affected.

JavaScript uses a technology called JavaScript that enables users to navigate the site. If you have configured you browser to "turn off" Javascripting, you may experience some loss of function. For example, the "Go back to..." menu within the Knowledgebase files may not work if your browser does not accept Javascripting.

Please note that if you require assistance in making changes to your web browser, you must contact your Internet Service Provider or browser vendor directly for assistance.


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