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Informed Dining in Health Care Facilities


The Informed Dining in Health Care program requires retail food service establishments located in health care facilities to provide customers nutrition information with a focus on calories and sodium. The program was developed in consultation with BC's health authorities.

How does the program work?

Informed Dining in Health Care applies to all retail food service establishments* operating in a BC health authority owned or operated health care facility. This includes cafeterias, cafes, coffee shops and kiosks (certain exclusion criteria apply).

As part of the program, participating establishments must provide nutrition information similar to what is available on prepackaged foods at grocery stores. The nutrition information is available for guests before or at the point of ordering.

How do I know if a food service establishment is participating?

Look for the Informed Dining logo on menus, menu boards and display cases. When you see the Informed Dining logo, you can be confident that nutrition information is nearby in a nutrition binder, brochure or poster.


Informed Dining Logo

Click here to view full list of participating health care facilities.

Why is the program required in health care facilities?

Retail food service establishments in health care facilities serve patients, staff, families and friends, many of whom live with chronic diseases. It is important that nutrition information is available to help these customers make informed choices.

Does the Informed Dining in Health Care program include patient food?

No, the program does not apply to patient food services.

I am an Informed Dining in Health Care retail food service establishment...

Where can I find program materials?

  • Health Care Participation Guide
    The guide describes the program details and requirements, the steps to implementation and the resources available to support health authorities and operators.

What resources are available to train staff?
Resources are available to familiarize food service staff with the program, including:

Where can I get program support?

Email the program administrator: or contact HealthLink BC to speak to a dietitian. Call toll free, 8-1-1 or email.

Where do I submit my Contact Form and Implementation Plan?


Upon review of the Contact Form and Implementation Plan template, the program administrator will contact you to discuss next steps.

* Retail food service establishments include those regulated under the Food Premises Regulation, B.C. Reg. 210/99. This may include but is not limited to restaurants, cafeterias, cafes, coffee shops, and kiosks.