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Healthier Choices in Vending Machines

The Healthier Choices in Vending Machines in BC Public Buildings Policy aims to increase the range of healthier food and beverage choices in vending machines. The policy helps British Columbians make healthy choices where they live, learn, work and play. All public buildings that are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health must follow the policy. These buildings include health care facilities and Ministry of Health buildings. Other public buildings and organizations with vending machines or concessions, such as municipal recreation and community centers, are encouraged to adopt this standard for food and beverage sales.

Vendors, facility staff and consumers can use the Brand Name Food List to find out how specific vending products score according to the Nutrient Criteria in the Policy. The criteria define the minimum nutrition standard for prepackaged food and beverages. Based on the Nutrient Criteria, products are scored as “Sell Most”, “Sell Sometimes” or “Do Not Sell”.

Last Updated: June 2021