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Plan, Shop and Prepare

Knowing how to plan meals, shop for healthy foods, and prepare and cook food are important food skills that can help you reach your healthy eating goals. It is never too late to learn new skills. With a little time and practice, you can start to change the way you eat and improve your health.

Getting Started with Meal Planning

With a little meal planning and preparation, you can adopt healthier habits. It is tempting to forgo home cooked meals in favour of restaurant fare or prepackaged foods. Many of us are busy and don't always have time to sit down to eat a healthy meal, much less create one. Learn more about meal planning and the benefits of eating together:

For tips on planning your grocery shopping, see:

Healthy Meals and Snacks

Making healthy meals and snacks doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated. Keeping healthy foods in your kitchen and learning some quick meal prep ideas are important steps to help you get food on the table quickly.

Learn more about making healthy snacks and meals:

Eating on a Budget

There are ways to make healthy eating fit better with your budget. Sometimes spending just a little extra time can save you money. Learn more about Eating on a Budget.

Last Updated: June 2021