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Food, Water and Beverage Safety

Food and water contaminated with bacteria, parasites, viruses, chemicals or toxins can make us sick. Learn how to choose, prepare and store food safely and what you can do to prepare for emergencies.

Preventing Food and Waterborne Illness

Follow general food and water safety precautions to help lower your risk of illness. Learn more:

Learn more about specific foodborne illnesses:

Environmental Contaminants

Exposure to certain levels of environmental contaminants, like mercury and lead, can harm your health over time. Learn how to reduce your exposure:

Emergency Preparedness

It’s important to make a plan in case of an emergency like a wildfire, flood, storm, or earthquake. It may be some time before you can access safe food and water from outside your home. Plan to have enough food and water stored for at least 3 days. Learn more:

Last updated: April 2023