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Learn From the Label


If you buy pre-packaged food you will see that each package has been labelled with a Nutrition Facts table.

Nutrition labels contain important information about the nutritional content of food.

And, given that 75 per cent of the sodium we eat comes from processed foods, reading the label on packaged foods is a key factor in making healthier food choices.

Nutrition Facts Table

The Nutrition Facts table found on food packages gives you information about:

  • Calories
  • 13 core nutrients
  • % Daily Value (%DV)

The % Daily Value (% DV) can help you make more informed food choices. Look for it in the Nutrition Facts table on food packages.

This applies to all nutrients.


You can use the % DV to compare two different food products in order to make the healthiest choice. Or you can use the % DV to choose products that are higher in the nutrients you want more of and lower in nutrients you want less of.

All of the information in the Nutrition Facts table is based on a specific amount of food such as 15 mL (one tablespoon) of peanut butter or 125 mL (1/2 cup) of yogurt. This amount is always found at the top of the Nutrition Facts table.

DID YOU KNOW? When using the % DV to make healthy choices, consider the serving size listed in the Nutrition Facts table to ensure you are comparing simular amounts of food.

Get More Information

To learn how the Nutrition Facts table can help you avoid products that contain high sodium, visit the Health Canada website

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Last Updated: August 2, 2013