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Eating Habits

Making long-term changes to your eating behaviours can make a big difference to your health.  Start with small changes and stick with them. Think about what you eat and where, when, why and how you eat.  Set small, measurable goals and give yourself lots of time to achieve them.

Developing Healthy Eating Habits

Changing habits takes time and patience. It also requires support to help you stay on track. You might find this support in your family and friends, a healthy-eating class or wellness centre. The best way to overcome barriers to healthy eating is to identify them ahead of time and have a backup plan. Learn more about changing your eating habits:

Food Journaling

Paying attention to what you eat, when, and why can help you make healthier choices more often. Keeping a food journal is one way to do this. Food journals can help you identify patterns and make changes. Learn more about food journaling in this section:

Planning Ahead

Making healthy choices starts with a plan. Sitting down to plan how you will shop for and cook healthier foods is a good place to start. Learn more about planning ahead in this section:

Healthy Options for Eating Out

Many restaurants offer plenty of healthy menu options that you can enjoy when eating out. Learn more about how choose healthier options when eating out in this section:

Food and Stress

You may find yourself turning to food when you feel overwhelmed or stressed. It can be a way to soothe and distract you from what is happening in your life. The best defense against stress is to eat a nutritious diet and find ways of self-care and coping mechanisms that work for you.


If you feel tired all the time, changing your diet could help. Learn more about how to stop feeling tired all the time.


Everyone needs some sodium in their diet, but many of us eat too much of it. Learn more about sodium and how to limit the amount in your diet.

Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks provide little nutrition, have many calories and take the place of healthier choices like water. Learn more about sugary drinks and healthier options.

Last Updated: June 2021