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Physical Activity

Creating a healthy routine for kids can lead to a lifetime of benefit. Daily physical activity can promote growth and development. Through physical activity, children can gain a healthy heart, stronger bones and maintain a healthy weight. Encourage your child to be active by enrolling them in sports or including them in activities around the house. There are many ways that they can stay active and have fun.

Benefits of Physical Activity

Children and toddlers benefit from physical activity of any intensity. Learn more about the benefits of physical activity:

Physical Activity for Children

Some children are very active throughout the day, while others need a bit of encouragement. You may need to find some creative ways to keep your child moving. Having physical literacy can help your child learn the fundamental skills they need to lead active lives.


For information and advice related to physical activity and exercise for your child, you can call us, email us, or search for information on our website. Dial 8-1-1 and ask to speak to a Qualified Exercise Professional or Physical Activity Services.

Physical Activity for Youth

Cardio and strength training are activities that get the heart pumping. Youth benefit from activities like these. These activities can help them focus better at school, sleep better and lower their risk of chronic health issues. Learn more about physical activities for your teen:

Preventing Injuries

It’s important to keep your child safe in physical activity and play. Most injuries are avoidable. There are steps you can take to make sure your child plays safely. Learn more about preventing injuries.

Screen Time

Many parents struggle with how much screen time their child has access to. Screen time is one of the biggest obstacles to physical activity for children. Having limits on the amount of screen time your child gets can be helpful. Encourage them to play outside or take part in activities that don’t involve a screen. The Canadian 24-hour movement guidelines for children recommend no more than two hours a day of recreational screen time.

Useful Resources

Active for Life

Active for Life supports parents with providing the right start in life through the development of physical literacy.

Appetite to Play

Physical activity and healthy eating in Early Childhood (0-5) is important for healthy child development and setting the stage for lifelong healthy behaviours. Appetite to Play supports early years providers promote and encourage physical activity and healthy eating. 

Sport for Life

Sport for Life consists of sport and physical literacy experts with the long-term vision necessary to be catalysts for lasting change within the sport and physical activity ecosystem and beyond.

Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines

These new, 24-hour movement guidelines are for infants, children, youth, adults and seniors. The guidelines address physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep.

Last Updated: June 2021